Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turner Brown.......................

Clinton was coming down from an elevator from 105th floor after an inauguration
of  a software company office with covering from 5 FBIs security people AND
had to visit 100th floor for some visit. When the elevator reached the 100th floor
the FBIs got out and a 6.9 feet struggled inside the elevator and Clinton lost his
chance to get out and the door got shut and elevator started towards the ground
floor and the buttons failed due to some technical problems. SO......Clinton looked
at the hefty man and the 6.9 feet NEGRO man gave an ear to ear smile and said..........

Man : I know you are Clinton. I am black.
Clinton : I... I ... Mean I am President..........

Man : [again gave an ear to ear smile] I know who you are. Do you wanna know me better?
Clinton : I..... I .... It's okay.

Man : It's okay. I'll start my Bio-Data.
          Height : 6.9
          Weight : 129 Kg.
          Vital stats : Chest ; 66, waist line 43, Buttocks : 40
          Dick ; 15 inches
          Testicles : [L] 18 lbs. [R] 20 lbs.
          From ; Texas
          TURNER BROWN

Clinton made some faces and went unconscious. [This all happned and they were
on 72nd floor] The man got confused and made lot of attempts to get Clinton to
consciousness but all in vein.

By the time the elevator reached ground floor Clinton came to senses 11 times and
again after looking at the hefty NEGRO went like a dead vegetable time and again.

On the ground floor Clinton came to consciousness again and [by that time FBIs
had reached ground floor] looking at FBIs he came to little comfort and and
challenged the negro hefty guy to threaten him again.
The negro was confused .................... and asked 'THREATENING?' 'WHAT

Clinton : [ORDERED] Okay repeat what you said in elevator.

Man : See guy. I know who you are and I'm not gonna screw up with you or my job
          okay?           Now understand and understand straight. Don't mess up with
           me. All the people see me and get anxious to see me and to know my DATA
          So .... I gave you my Bio-Data I told you bout my Height, Weight, Vital
           statistics then I told you the size of my privates and I told you to which place
           I belong and then I told you my name & that is TURNER BROWN.

Clinton : [Gets some color back on his face] THANK GOD! AFTER TELLING ME YOUR


Clinton : THANK GOD! You said TURNER BROWN and I thought you said

              TURN AROUND...........
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