Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family dramas.......................

+] Wife : You always hear from one ear and let go from other.
     Husband : And you hear from both and let go from your mouth.

+] Man : [To fortune teller] Why is my marriage not happening?
      Fortune teller : Cause god has destined happiness throughout your life.

+] Man : Come in, don't be scared. It's our new dog. It won't bite.
    Sales person : Why? This dog doesn't bite?
     Man : That's what I want to find out.

+] Son : Why did you marry dad?
    Mom : See sonny! You also seem to be confused like me.

+] Husband : I had a dream "I was bathing in a pond of honey & you in a pond of cow dung.
     Wife : I too had a similar dream BUT after that You were licking me & I was licking you.

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