Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carved wooden box................................

They were happily married for 25 years and on the 25th wedding night husband was searching for an important office file in the wardrobe and found a carved wooden box hidden inside the locker box of his wife. He opened it and found that there were brand new unfolded 3 bills of 100 dollars each and 3 peanuts inside it. He went on searching for the file and got it at last and finished the pending work.

At night, While on the bed, he asked his wife about the carved wooden box. She was zapped to know that he had found the box. She then started crying and said. "Joseph I would like to confess something. Only if you can forgive me." He said "No problems dear. This is a fast pace life and we are tend to make mistakes, I too have done it once in my life. So go on I am ready to accept and digest the reality."

She said "Oh! Joseph You know for last 20 years since you took up the traveling marketing job and used to be away for days together out of the house. I used to feel horny and used to cheat on you and whenever I used  to do that I used to keep a peanut in the carved wooden box."

Husband thought for a while and said "okay Honey! I forgive you cause you have done it only 3 times. Fine If I was in your place may be I would have done the same." "So it's okay." After a while he asked again but what about the 3 bills of 100 dollars?

This time wife gave a ear to ear smile and said "You know Joseph, When the box used to get full of peanuts I used to sell them for Dollars 10 per Kg."
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