Thursday, March 3, 2011

At the heaven's door..............................

There was a long line in front of heaven door and St. Peter was asking questions and
judging the people and deciding whether they should go to heaven or hell. A man
appeared in front of St. peter.

St. peter : How did you die my child?
Man : I don't know I was running on the footpath to catch the bus and something
heavy fell on my head and I reached here.

St. Peter : Okay you may go to heaven.

Next man came and St, Peter asked him how he died. He started telling his story.

Man : I always had a doubt that my wife was cheating on me so one day I came early
from the office and heard my wife's and another man's voice from inside the bedroom.
I opened the door of the apartment and ran to the bedroom and sure there was man's
cloth lying on the bed and floor but no one could be seen except my naked wife so I
ran to the kitchen and peeped out the window and saw a man running on the footpath
so I lifted the refrigerator and threw it on him. I think that was the man who just now
went to heaven. But out of lifting the heavy refrigerator I got a heart attack and I died.

St. Peter : Okay! All through your life you have gone through hell and were not happy
so you may go to heaven as well Son.

Third man came stark naked, Shivering with cold and St. peter asked him
"Now whats your story? How did you die?

Man : My Lord I was inside the refrigerator.
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