Monday, December 10, 2012

TWO OF IT? ………………………..

The [VISTING] G.K. teacher was teaching the class about deadly historical weapons and he showed an ANTIQUE revolver to the class for their knowledge. Marie was sitting at the back seat and when she saw this revolver she said “SIR! Only one? My daddy has got two of those.” The teacher kept mum.
Then the sir showed a vintage Indian sword. On seeing it Marie said “SIR! My daddy has two of those.” The G.K. Master smiled and kept quite {[BUT…. Inside he was boiling.]}
Next he showed the silver Chinese dagger to the class. Again Marie said “BUT SIR” .. “My dad has two of those.” [Now the teacher was getting pissed off……. BUT … still he did not show it.]
Next ……….. He showed the class his antique piece……. The great Nepali Khukri made of half silver and half gold & decorated with precious stones. Marie again said “SIR! But my daddy has two of those.”
NOW fully pissed off the teacher unzipped his pant. ….. Walked towards Marie and removed his massive [9 inches] thingie out and pointed it on her face and said “I hope your daddy doesn’t have two of these.”
Marie was shocked to see the LEANING TOWER OF PUSSA! … [Ha Ha Ha! ---- Just a joke] … BUT Marie [was very witty] so she recovered from the shock and replied too fast and said.
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