Tuesday, December 11, 2012

B.J. SPA………………………..

I and my friends Sunny and Johnny were sitting in a bar enjoying our beers when this friend of Johnny walked in and Johnny invited him to join us. After a heart full of talks, we got a NEW INFO about the spa which had opened in the next town where they offered the EXOTIC BLOW JOB.
AND as the saying goes BOYS WILL BE BOYS… BAD BOYS. We decided to visit it. AND WE DID IT .. VERY NEXT SUNDAY.
As we entered the SPA ….. We were welcomed with a warm lemon tea. Then the Madame of the house told us that the Blow Job was available in 3 price tags. $100, $200 and $300. So! Sunny said he could afford only $100 so he’ll go first. He went and returned after half an hour fully content with a smile.
We asked him what had happened. He told us that “The girl put the whipped cream all over his massive thingie then threw some rice flakes, & covered it with honey and topped it with bit of chocolate flakes and had her tongue licking it and then sucked him dry.” WE WERE REALLY IMPRESSED.
I was the second to go for $200. When I returned after an hour, I was with an EAR TO EAR SMILE. I could see that Sunny was little jealous BUT anyways they asked me what happened? ….. & …….. I replied.
“She put the layer of vanilla ice cream on my dick then sprinkled Chocó flakes, then the layer of strawberry ice cream and then a little of raisins and toped it with a little of honey & then LICKED ME DRY.
Now ………. It was Johnny’s turn. He chose the $300 BLOW JOB & IN ……….. HE WENT. To our surprise he returned in just ……. 25 minutes. And he came crawling like a lizard, groaning in pain and all hunched over. Crying “GOD HELP ME.” “PLEASE SAVE ME LORD.” After seeing us he cried loudly “SAVE ME. SAVE ME. TAKE ME OUT OF HERE OR I’LL DIE.” We were confused BUT anyways he was our friend so we helped him and took him out of the spa.
On exiting we asked Johnny what was the matter.
Johnny: Fuck me! Fuck me! It was the most dangerous thing I ever had in my life. OOOh! Ouch!
We: HEY! BROTHER. Where is the pain?
Johnny: In my back, neck and everywhere near elbows. Ahh! Goddamn it!
We: What happened? Did she hurt you?
Johnny: NO! NO! Nope! She was one of the best, beautiful and the most cooperative gal I’ve ever met in
               my life. Oh! Oh!sssss. God. Please…. F*** F***
We: [CURIOUS] Then what actually happened?
Johnny: Well! She put the strawberry ice cream on my thingie and topped it with honey. Then she
               sprinkled choco flakes over it then topped it with butterscotch ice cream. Then she put some
               choco sauce and sprinkled the crispy biscuit crump. Then covered it with wild strawberry ice
               cream and topped it with lots of nuts & berries & raisins.
We: [DREAMING ABOUT THE SITUATION] Then what happened?
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