Thursday, November 29, 2012

I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING????????????

One day an armed robber entered a rich businessman sardar’s house and was opening up the safe when Sardar and his wife who were sleeping in the next room heard the sound. Sardar went to check what was happening in the next room…………
Sardar did not return for 10 minutes hence his beautiful wife went to check out. When she entered the room she saw that the thief was standing with a knife in his hand and her husband was on his knees and pleading for his life with the thief. The thief saw sardar’s beautiful & ravishing wife full of curves all over and became HORNY. He drew a circle on the floor with a chalk and asked the sardar to stand inside it and warned him not to come out of the circle if he wants his life to be spared. Then asked sardar’s wife to get naked - laid her on the floor and nicely ravished her for couple of hours from all sides and all angles and all acrobatic positions ……….. Then made sardar’s whole safe empty and went away fully content. When the thief was gone wife looked at her husband who was giving ear to ear smile to her. Upon seeing this she started cursing sardar.
Wife: What type of a husband are you? You fear that thief’s warning and did not even care to come for my rescue out of that circle. That scoundrel was raping me and you did not do anything.
Sardar: You are an idiot, good for nothing. I understand that this bloody thief did not even understand what I did. I thought at least you will understand it.
Wife: What the hell should I understand? I only understand that you didn’t do anything.
Sardar: [Shouted] My foot! What do you mean by I didn’t do anything? I CAME OUT OF THAT CIRCLE 7 times and went back again and that FOOL OF A GUY DID NOT FUCKIN UNDERSTAND IT………………… [with firmness in his voice] NEXT TIME. You see…. NEXT TIME IF HE COMES AGAIN I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!!!!!..... I WILL COME OUT OF THE CIRCLE AT LEAST 14 TIMES AND BREAK MY OWN RECORD…………..
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