Thursday, November 29, 2012


This new gas station was opened in our city and they floated a scheme to attract customers of which they had put a big banner outside. “FILL 10 LITERS OF PETROL and GET A CHANCE TO HAVE FREE SEX”
[as usual the [*] sign followed it to say “CONDITIONS APPLY”].
I was astonished & happy and thought I could try my luck…. So! I went to this gas station and filled my car with 10 litters. They gave me a scratch card and asked me to meet the manager. I scratched my card and got alphabet “P” which I showed to the manager. He told me that, that day’s lucky alphabet was “C” and showed me the way out with BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME. I went back the next day and got “T” when manager told me that the day’s lucky alphabet was “P”. I tried 7 more times but every time I got BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME. I went to try again for the last time & same thing happened. This time I got pissed off and said “F O” to the manager and was coming out when I met this sardar who was heading the manager’s office. I said to him that this scheme looks bogus and that it seems to me that this gas station was coning people. To my astonishment sardar said………
Sardar: NO! NO! Dear sir this is a real scheme.
I: Is it?
Sardar: 100% sir.
I: Did you get lucky anytime?
Sardar: No sir I too am trying my luck like you.
I: So? What on the earth makes you feel that this scheme is a real scheme?
Sardar: Sir! My Sister got lucky 7 times and my wife got lucky 9 times…………….. I’m 100% sure that this is a genuine scheme………………………..
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