Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some more lawyers jokes......................

#] Client : "You are a very expensive lawyer. I am a poor man.
                If I give you Rs. 100 per question will you answer my two questions?"
     Lawyer : "Definitely! Now what's your second question?"

#] 1st man : do you know how to save 5 lawyers who are drowning?
    2nd man : No!
    1st man : That's good.

#] 2 lawyers were negotiating on a property case of 2 brothers.
     1st lawyer said : See friend let's be honest with each other.
     2nd lawyer : Okay! You first.
    That was the end of the negotiation.

#] 1 lawyer, 1 doctor and 1 engineer gathered for their dentist friends funeral.
    Doctor said "in our family we have a tradition of offering some money to the
    dead person. saying this he dropped $ 100 bill over the coffin. The engineer also
    dropped a $ 100 bill over the coffin. The lawyer took both the bills and wrote out
     a bank cheque for $ 300.
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