Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Law Law & Law.........................

#] Judge : Do you have anything to offer to this hon. court before I pass verdict.
    Defendant : OFFER? No your honor! My lawyer robbed me up to my last penny.

#] Judge : Do you understand that you are sworn to tell the truth?
    Defendant : Yes! Your honor.
    Judge : Do you know the outcome of being untruthful?
    Defendant : Yes! Your honor. The outcome will be "WE WILL WIN".

#] Judge : Last time I told you RIGHT? That I don't want to see you here again.
     Culprit : That's what I tried to tell the cops BUT only if they believe me.

#] Judge : Can you identify the defendant as the murderer?
    Witness : Yes honor I can remember his face as I saw on the day of murder.
    Defendant : Your honor Witness is lying. How could she see my face? I was under

#] What's the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer?
    ANS. : Good lawyer knows the law perfectly. BUT a great lawyer knows the
                Judge perfectly.
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