Monday, February 28, 2011

Some selected toppers...........

*] I'm a religious guy - I love my neighbor BUT can't stand her husband.
*] I teach maths to beautiful girls. ADD a bed, SUBTRACT the cloths, DIVIDE her legs and MULTIPLY shots.
*] Definition of making love? It's what girls do when you are screwing her.
*] How do you know that you've got a great sperm count? She has to chew before she  sallow.
*] My favorite air hostess is one who asks "Coffee, Tea or Me?"
*] Best barman says "Water is the best drink if taken with right spirit."
*] Having sex with the same girl many times is like scratching the place that itch no more.
*] Why do girls have 2 holes so close? In case you miss one.
*] Did you read Mata Hari's book? Title :- "How to make $ 100 millions with just one pussy"
*] What is man's  Idea of foreplay? 30 minutes of begging.
*] Man who fingers girls having period gets caught red handed.
*] Virginity is like a balloon. One prick and all gone.
*] Board outside a doctor's clinic "Virginity will be cured"

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