Monday, February 28, 2011

Some more...........

*] The 'F' rule. Find her, Friend her, Flirt her, Fondle her, Finger her, Fuck her, Forget her, Find next.
*] It is the girls geography that determines her history.
*] How are prostitutes like chicken farmers? They both earn livings raising COCKS.
*] A young man was so nervous while meeting prospective father in law that he blurted out "I am asking for your daughter's hole in handy matrimony."
*] How to impress a girl? Complement her, Respect her, honor her, Cuddle her, Kiss her, Caress her, Love her, Stroke her, Tease her, Comfort her, Hug her, Protect her, Hold her, Spend on her, Wine and dine her, Listen to her, Care for her, Stand by her...........How to impress a man? Show up naked and serve a chilled beer.
*] the newlyweds came back from honeymoon. A friend asked the husband "did you enjoy the whole thing?" Husband replied "I enjoyed the hole and she enjoyed the thing."
 *] Beauty lies in the eyes of BEER HOLDER.

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