Monday, May 2, 2011

EARN THE MONEY.........................

A guy rings the bell of a house and a beautiful, sexy young lady opens the door.
The man looks stunned at her face then at her boobs then at her full blown hips

Lady : Hey! What do you want?
Guy : You see! I can give you 1000 Bucks. Do you want it?
Lady : What do you mean?
Guy : You see your husband must be working hard and earning his salaries.
Lady : So?
Guy : So? So you can earn 1000 bucks for doing nothing.
Lady : Okay! What do you want?
Guy : I just want to feel both your boobs in my hands for couple of minutes.
[Lady thinks hard about her hubby earning 25000 working for the whole month]
Lady : Okay! But only for a minute.
[Guy takes her boobs in hand and lightly squeezes them for a minute and walks away]

After half an hour he returns again and rings the bell again - The lady opens the door

Guy : Okay! Lady I liked what I did half an hour back. Now do you want 2000 bucks?
Lady : This time what?
Guy : I want to feel your perfect round ass and hips.
Lady again thinks the guy is not going to do something more bad so feels okay
This guy feels her perfect round ass her hips and happily goes away.

Again after half an hour he comes and offers her 3000 to feel her perfect thighs and calf.
Again the same happens and he happily goes away.

Again after half an hour the same takes place and he offers 5000 this time to feel
all together and for the last time. She agrees and he goes away happily.
The lady is happy that she has earned 10000 for doing nothing out of limit.

In the evening her husband comes home opens up his tie and sits on the sofa and
when he sees his wife he asks her.

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