Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a pain .........................

4 guys went to their employer and ask for a raise in the salary.
Boss agreed to give it to one of them but set a condition that the one who gets
the fruit or vegetable to be brought which she has never seen in her life. [BUT]
another condition is if boss identifies the fruit or vegetable then it would be shoved
up the ass of the candidate. All three agree. The test is to be held on next day.
All four candidates are standing in front of the boss's cabin.
1st guys : Good Morning Mam.
Boss : Good morning Charlie! What have you brought a vege or a fruit?
Charlie : Vegetable mam.
Boss : Show me. [Charlie shows] You fucking bastard I always have it in my green salad.
Charlie : You mean you know it?
Boss : Yes! It's Cucumber. Remove your pant and undies & let me shove it up your ass.
[Charlie cries and cries a lot while the Cucumber is shoved up his ass]
2nd guy : Good morning Mam.
Boss : Good morning Joe! So what the fuck have you come up with?
Joe : Vegetable and it is from Brazil and I m confident you haven't seen it in your
         whole life.
Boss : Great! Then show it to me.
[Joe takes it out]
Boss : You mother fucker it is Tapioca. Let me shove it in you.
[Joe cries a lot while the heavy and stiff thing enters his delicate and soft behind.
3rd guy : Good mornin bossie!
Boss : So Martin what have you brought Veg or Fruit?
Martin: You can call it as both cause in European and American countries we call it
             fruit but in Asia they use it as vegetable too.
Boss : [Amazed] Is it? Fuck! I think you are gonna get the raise I suppose. Now show
           it to me. [Martin takes out a huge coconut]
Boss : Screw you Martin It is coconut. Now I'll love to blast your fuckin ass with this
           coco of yours.
[So Martin's pant is removed and undies too and he bends over the table and boss
inserts the huge coco in his ass - BUT - to boss's amazement Martin is laughing and
content while coco enters him]
Martin : Ha Ha Ha! Put it in Lady. Wow! Great I'm gonna love it. Oh GOD you are
Boss : See Guy I put a Cucumber in Charlie's ass and he was crying like a kid then I
           put the Tapioca in Joe's ass and he fainted and now I am putting such a huge
           coconut in your fuckin ass and you are laughing out loudly ..... are you a insane
Martin : No Mam! I am thinking about the future mam.
Boss : What future you fucking ass hole?
Martin : the pain of future mam.
Boss : what future?
Martin : The next turn mam.
Boss : What next turn?
Martin : Mam. John is standing outside with a BIG FUCKING "JACK-FRUIT".

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