Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hurry puts you in curry!...........

3 men & a school going kid were travelling in an aircraft.......
1st the pilot, 2nd a politician of a country 3rd a teacher and a school going kid.
when they were on the most highest point - pilot understood that both the engines had failed.
He came to the main chamber and told the passengers that "THIS WAS THIS". and .............
Said that the plane had only 3 parachutes............ everyone was in a big panic.
Pilot: I am one of the most important and precious person so I'll take the 1st parachute. [He took it and jumped out.]
the politician came forward next.
Politician: I am required by my country and that is why I too am an important, most required, honorable and precious person on the face of this earth and hence I require a parachute too. [and he took the second and jumped]
third came the teacher.
Teacher: Son! I have lived my life and seen the GOOD and the BAD. You are just a kid and this EARTH and WORLD requires your IDEAS and ACTS so hence. I will go down with this plane. You grab the third parachute and jump.
Kid: But sir.............!!! We both have the parachute. Why do you want to sacrifice your life?
Teacher: BOTH HAVE PARACHUTE? HOW COME! Pilot said there were only 3 parachutes on this plane.
Kid: I do agree with what the pilot said sir!
Teacher: Then how come we can save both of our life?
Kid: SIR! In the hurry the POLITICIAN TOOK MY SCHOOL BAG AND JUMPED..... Hence 2 parachutes are left behind.
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